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Risk Management

If there is a serious accident – or a death – at events your club organises, Work Cover will become involved and the first thing they ask for and collect is the Secretary’s records, so ensure you and your club has a Risk Management Plan in place. It is a little time consuming initially, though, once the groundwork has been completed it comes down to reviews and updates.

The AHMF has produced a presentation on Risk Management to help Clubs develop a Risk Management Plan.

I urge all clubs to take the time to work through the Risk Management presentation to ensure you, your committee and club members are not leaving themselves exposed.

Christine Stevens

Biofuel / Ethanol Mandate

A public paper has been released by the Queensland Government, “Towards a clean energy economy – achieving a biofuel mandate for Queensland” as the Queensland Government plans to phase-in ethanol blended fuel, commencing with a 2% target. It is expected the Biofuel Mandate will commence 1st July 2016.

QHMC President Christine Stevens and Vice-President Russell Manning attended the Public Forum. QHMC sent a Submission addressing the Queensland Biofuel Mandate : Letter to Qld biofuel mandate_QHMC

Northern Queensland QHMC Rally 2015 Report

This year the NQ QHMC Rally was hosted by Cairns and District Historic Vehicle Club Inc., in Cairns over the Easter long weekend. Secretary, Trevor Shields attended and represented the QHMC committee. QHMC covered the cost of the return airfare and Trevor covered all other expenses associated to his attending the event.

The 2016 NQ QHMC Rally will be in Mackay, again over the Easter weekend. More information will be provided as it is made available.

Trevors report on North Queensland QHMC Rally Cairns Easter 2015 is available for download.

Cheers Christine


In January 2015 QHMC wrote to the Victorian Federation of Veteran, Vintage and Classic Vehicle Clubs and the Association of Motor Clubs requesting information about, and their experiences with, the current Victorian Club Permit Scheme. There feedback has been collated and is now available for distribution.

QHMC Bulletin 4-2015 Certification of Imported Vehicles

The QHMC has published Bulletin 4-2015_Certification of imported vehicles prior to first Australian registration.

As of October 1, 2014, the rules relating to the certification of imported pre-ADR vehicles have changed and the LO8 modification Code used for these vehicles has been repealed.

Inspection and certification by an Approved Person (engineer etc.) and the issuing of a blue modification plate showing that the vehicle meets LO8 requirements is no longer required prior to first registration.

Instead, pre-1969 vehicles only will now be checked for compliance with Queensland vehicle standards as part of the Safety Certificate inspection. These requirements are based on the Australian Vehicle Standards Rules and are generally consistent with those of Code LO8.

From the President’s Desk – QHCM Rally & National Motoring Heritage Day

The lastest “From the President’s Desk” is now available.

The National Motoring Heritage Day display day in Queens Park Ipswich is organised (with more being added) and promises to be an excellent day. Remind your club members, they need to register on line for this event (full details on the flyer – and remember, this web address is case-sensitive) – or complete the attached registration form and post to the address on the form.

The planning has been completed for the QHMC Rally in Pittsworth, For full details please refer to the QHMC website – – as the Flyer, Entry form and Accommodation guide are all available. So far, the majority of the vehicles registered are pre-1931. We look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions or issues you would like raised, please do not hesitate to contact me direct.


QHMC and the Special Interest Vehicle Scheme

Proposals to lobby for changes to the Queensland SIVS registration scheme have been discussed extensively within QHMC for a number of years. There has also been considerable communication with member clubs, as well as surveys seeking member club’s views and the level of support for the proposed changes.

A considerable amount of information on this subject can be found on the internet. Unfortunately it is difficult to obtain a complete and accurate picture of the issue from this information. There is also a level of misinformation, misunderstanding and biased / uninformed comment present in some of this information which may lead readers to draw incorrect conclusions.

The QHMC have produced a document (available online), outlining the discussions, proposals and results of surveys of QHMC member clubs since late 2013. This information is provided to ensure the issues involved and the discussions that have taken place are properly communicated.

Should you have questions or require further clarification of the facts please feel free to contact me.

Christine Stevens

QHMC Bulletin 1-2015 – SIVS Registration Scheme

Early 2014, the QHMC and other groups that comprise the Motoring Organisation and Car Club group (and regularly meet with the Department of Transport and Main Roads), discussed the matter of changes to the SIVS scheme and the possibility of adopting an optional logbook system along the lines of that currently in use in Victoria.

DTMR investigated the proposal and produced a plan and costings for such a scheme for consideration. It was proposed to operate in conjunction with the current SIVS arrangements. This was put to a vote of all QHMC member clubs, however it failed to receive majority support and as a result DTMR decided to withdraw the proposal.

Pertinent points

The decision not to pursue the matter further was made by the 2013-2014 QHMC Management Committee. The current committee is aware of the reasons for this and is fully supportive of the decision.

The current committee is not lobbying for change to the SIVS requirements, nor is it a current topic of discussion.

The QHMC constitution is very clear that majority support is required before such matters can be pursued. Given there have been no significant changes to the issue which may alter the outcome of any discussions; there are no current plans to revisit this matter.

Any member club can have this issue reconsidered by the QHMC committee by submitting a detailed written proposal outlining the proposed changes, a business case supporting the change and an indication that, if put to a vote of member clubs, there is a reasonable prospect of achieving majority support, and how this was determined.

QHMC can provide information on the costings and mandatory requirements set out by DTMR in its proposal. The decision to take such proposals to a vote of QHMC member clubs will be entirely at the discretion of the management committee.

Christine Stevens
Queensland Historic Motoring Council (Inc.)