QHMC Rally

Each year, one of the QHMC affiliated clubs is awarded the hosting of the QHMC Rally. This is the most prestigious rally conducted for Veteran, Vintage, Post Vintage and Historic vehicles in Queensland. The event is conducted over the Queens Birthday Weekend in June

In 2014, for the first time, there will be 2 QHMC rallies, one in the southern part of the state and one in the northern part. This situation will be on-going with those clubs based south of the Tropic nominating to organise the Southern QHMC Rally and those clubs North of the Tropic nominating to organise the Northern QHMC Rally. Clubs based in Rockhampton are in the happy position of being able to conduct either one.

2016 RACQ Northern QHMC Rally

Mackay Vintage Motor Club Inc will be hosting the Northern Queensland QHMC Rally. Headquarters will be The Mercy College in Penn St.

2016 RACQ Southern QHMC Rally

The Queensland Vintage Vehicle Association will be hosting the Southern Queensland QHMC rally in 2016. Location and details to be available soon.

2015 RACQ Southern QHMC Rally

The committee of QHMC will hosted the 2015 RACQ Southern QHMC Rally from Saturday 6th to Monday 8th June 2015, based in Pittsworth.

2015 RACQ Northern QHMC Rally

The Cairns & District Historic Vehicle Club will be hosing the 2015 RACQ Northern QHMC Rally, 3rd – 6th of April 2015.

2014 RACQ Northern QHMC Rally

For 2014, the first RACQ NQHMC Rally was hosted by the Townsville, Vintage & Historic Motor Club Inc. as part of the Northern clubs hub Rally. The event was held in based in Charters Towers and run over the Easter weekend, April 18 to 21.

2014 RACQ Southern  QHMC Rally.

The 2014 RACQ SQHMC Rally event was conducted by the Brisbane Vintage Auto Club over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend, 7-9 th of June based at the Redcliffe Showgrounds.