QHMC and the Special Interest Vehicle Scheme

Posted by: | Posted on: February 20, 2015

Proposals to lobby for changes to the Queensland SIVS registration scheme have been discussed extensively within QHMC for a number of years. There has also been considerable communication with member clubs, as well as surveys seeking member club’s views and the level of support for the proposed changes.

A considerable amount of information on this subject can be found on the internet. Unfortunately it is difficult to obtain a complete and accurate picture of the issue from this information. There is also a level of misinformation, misunderstanding and biased / uninformed comment present in some of this information which may lead readers to draw incorrect conclusions.

The QHMC have produced a document (available online), outlining the discussions, proposals and results of surveys of QHMC member clubs since late 2013. This information is provided to ensure the issues involved and the discussions that have taken place are properly communicated.

Should you have questions or require further clarification of the facts please feel free to contact me.

Christine Stevens

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