Historic Dating & Membership Certificate

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The Historic Dating & Membership Certificate as been updated to include recent updates. The Dating Officers declares if  the vehicle has been inspected in person or by photographic and documentary evidence.

As the Historic Dating & Membership Certificate is provided by QHMC for your club use, it is a PDF document ensuring  consistency of the document and format. This makes the task easier for Queensland Transport as this is the recognisable and accepted document.

The Registered Operator/Owner of the vehicle signs a declaration that he/she will remain a member of a historic vehicle club incorporated in Queensland while this vehicle is registered under the Queensland Special Interest Vehicle Scheme (SIV) concession.

The Dating Officer certified they have confirmed or sighted proof of current financial membership.

A minimum of 2 copies are to be issued:

  1. One Historic Dating & Membership Certificate is to be given to the Registered Operator / owner of the vehicle to present to Queensland Transport
  2. Copy of fully completed and signed Historic Dating & Membership Certificate to be retained by the club.

How to overprint club details (Club letterhead) on the Historic Dating & Membership Certificate

  1. Print the Historic Dating & Membership Certificate from the website.
  2. 2. Locate club logo and details you wish to add to the form (i.e. Club letterhead). Align them on a blank page on the screen to match position and size to fit the document. (It is recommended you have club name, address and phone number across the top and Club logo in the space allocated at top left corner.)
  3. Print a sheet (letterhead) as a test copy to assure the alignment is correct – i.e. the words and logo are correctly positioned on the left hand top of the test print.
  4. Save the logo and set-up as a call, calling it something like “Club letterhead for SIVS doc”.
  5. Overprint the document. Once satisfied with the result, print another 10 (approximately) so your club has a stock of pre-printed forms.

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