Updated Historic Dating & Membership Certificate – overprinting

Posted by: | Posted on: October 5, 2015

If you are looking to over-print your club logo on the updated Historic Dating & Membership Certificate, we have produced some instructions below.

  1. Print the Historic Dating & Membership Certificate from the website.
  2. Locate club logo and details you wish to add to the form. Align them on a blank page on the screen to match position and size to fit the document. (It is recommended you have club name, address and phone number across the top and Club logo in the space allocated at top left corner.)
  3. Print a sheet as a test copy to assure the alignment is correct – i.e. the words and logo are correctly positioned on the left hand top of the test print. (Do not overprint the document you down loaded yet as you want to be sure the alignment is 100% by overlaying the test print over the actual document to be sure it is aligned correctly.)
  4. ¬†Save the logo and set-up as a file called “Club logo to SIVS doc”.
  5.  Overprint the document. Once satisfied with result, print another 10 (approximately) so your club has a stock of pre-printed forms.

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