Membership with the Queensland Historic Motoring Council inc (QHMC) Inc brings many advantages for member clubs. It may include networking opportunities, member benefits and discounts, club support and advice, and the chance to have your views represented at Local, State and Federal levels through the QHMC's on-going Representation & lobbying activities.

Queensland Historic Motoring Council Inc (QHMC) is the peak representative body for Historic Vehicle Clubs in Queensland and represents its member clubs in negotiations with Government departments, interstate peak motoring bodies and commercial and public bodies.

Affiliated clubs include Veteran, Vintage, Historic and Classic vehicle clubs.

The Queensland Historic Motoring Council represents over 110 member clubs across Queensland comprising of some 13,000 club members and around 21,000 historic vehicles

Membership of the QHMC is significant and builds over time - the more you use the Chamber and its member benefits, the more you’ll get out of your membership.

Reasons to become a QHMC member club:

Networking opportunities

QHMC coordinates, by way of publishing a calendar of events. The Calendar of events only include events run by member clubs. A full program of upcoming member club events can be located on the Events page.

Member benefits and discounts

The Queensland Historic Motoring Council Inc (QHMC) can support member clubs in different situations. You can see a full list of the advantages on the Membership benefits page.

Club support and advice

Thanks to the resources and experience within the Queensland Historic Motoring Council (QHMC), as well as its strong relationships across Queensland and also across Australia, it is well-placed to assist members in finding relevant information, support and advice.

Lobbying, Influence & Representation

Seeking members’ opinions on matters which impact the historic vehicle movement and representing those views at local, state and national level are fundamental functions of the Queensland Historic Motoring Council (QHMC), as well as aiding with policy development on key issues affecting historic vehicle clubs.

Getting stronger with the QHMC!

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