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The QHMC Minutes, Documents & Links page contains a collection of useful links, documents and information produced by the Queensland Historic Motoring Council Inc..


News and updates from the QHMC President
From the President's Desk (Presidents Report)     
December 2018PDF 2September 2018PDF 2
July 2017PDF 2October 2015PDF 2
June 2015PDF 2January 2015PDF 2
November 2014PDF 2September 2014PDF 2
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QHMC Minutes

Minutes from the Queensland Historic Motoring Council inc (QHMC) General and Annual General Meetings.
QHMC Meeting Minutes   
30 April 2019Urgent Special General MeetingPDF 2
28 March 2019General MeetingPDF 2
24 January 2019General MeetingPDF 2
22 November 2018General MeetingPDF 2
27th September 2018General MeetingPDF 2
26 July 2018General MeetingPDF 2
26 July 2018Annual General MeetingPDF 2
24 May 2018General MeetingPDF 2
22 March 2018General MeetingPDF 2
25 January 2018General MeetingPDF 2
23 November 2017General MeetingPDF 2
28 September 2017General MeetingPDF 2
27 July 2017Annual General MeetingPDF 2
27 July 2017General MeetingPDF 2
25 May 2017General MeetingPDF 2
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MOCC Minutes

Meeting Minutes from the Motoring Organisation & Car Clubs Meetings (MOCC).
MOCC Minutes   
3 October 2018Meeting MinutesPDF 2
13 March 2018Meeting MinutesPDF 2
9 March 2016Meeting MinutesPDF 2
8 December 2015Meeting MinutesPDF 2
24 June 2015Meeting MinutesPDF 2
10 March 2015Meeting MinutesPDF 2
9 December 2014Meeting MinutesPDF 2
9 September 2014Meeting MinutesPDF 2
11 June 2014Meeting MinutesPDF 2
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Forms & Documents

Queensland Historic Motoring Council (QHMC) Forms & Documents
Forms & Documents  
QHMC ConstitutionPDF 2
Affiliation Application form2(2018-2019)PDF 2
Affiliation Renewal Form (2018-2019)PDF 2
Historic Vehicle Dating & Membership CertificatePDF 2
QHMC HandbookPDF 2
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QHMC Bulletins

Bulletins from the Queensland Historic Motoring Council Inc. (QHMC)
QHMC Bulletins   
November 2018Special Interest Vehicle SchemePDF 2
January 2017Income Tax for Not For Profit Motoring OrganisationsPDF 2
May 2016Introduction of National Injury Insurance Scheme QldPDF 2
April 2016Vehicles Interstate 12 mth rego fee comparison (Renewals) 1 Oct 2016PDF 2
March 2016Towing in NSWPDF 2
February 2016Qld Government’s biofuels mandate on trackPDF 2
January 2016Clarification of WA Registration RequirementsPDF 2
April 2015Certification of imported vehicles prior to first Australian registrationPDF 2
March 2015SIVS CTP classPDF 2
February 2015QHMC and the Special Interest Vehicle SchemePDF 2
January 2015SIVS registration schemePDF 2
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Special Interest Vehicle Concessional Registration Scheme (SIVS)

SIVS Registration is available to vehicle the satisfy specific requirements, it offers reduced registration fees but places limits on the use of the vehicle.

Australian Historic Motoring Federation Inc. (AHMF)

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