Queensland Historic Motoring Council Inc. is the peak representative body for Historic Vehicle Clubs in Queensland and represents its member clubs in negotiations with Government departments, interstate peak motoring bodies and commercial and public bodies. Affiliated clubs include Veteran, Vintage, Historic and Classic vehicle clubs.

QHMC is affiliated with Australian Historic Motoring Federation Inc. – AHMF.

Queensland Historic Motoring Council Inc. (QHMC) was formed in 1968. It was formaly known as the Queensland Combined Council of Historic Vehicle Clubs Inc. (QCCHVC) and was renamed to the Queensland Historic Motoring Council Inc. in 2009.

The Queensland Historic Motoring Council represents over 110 member clubs across Queensland comprising of some 13,000 club members and around 21,000 historic vehicles.

Membership is open to all historic motor vehicle clubs, supporting vehicles more than 30 years old. Affiliation with the QHMC does not include hot-rod clubs or street-rod clubs. These are catered for under different organisations.

Become Affiliated with the Queensland Historic Motoring Council Inc.

To become affiliated with the Queensland Historic Motoring Council Inc. please visit:

The Objectives of QHMC are:

  • Foster interest in the history and preservation of old vehicles, as
    owned by members of affiliated clubs;
  • Act on behalf of clubs and/or individual members in negotiations with Federal, State or Local Government, Authorities, Companies, Corporations, or individuals, on matters of interest to the hobby;
  • Keep an up to date list of projected rally dates, in order to assist the clubs to avoid clashing dates, and to attempt to ensure maximum support of all major events by whatever means may be suitable, through the promotion of maximum co-operation between affiliated clubs;
  • Act a liaison body between the hobby and the general public;
  • Cooperate and liaise with any other similar State or Federal organisations;
  • Circulate any information concerning or affecting the development of clubs within the Association’s geographical area, which the Association may consider will promote the objects of affiliated clubs.


Meetings of the QHMC are held on the 4th Thursday of the month.

QHMC General Meetings are held in:

  • January, March, May, July, September, November

QHMC Committee Meetings are held in:

  • February, April, June, August, October

There are no meetings in December.

QHMC Events Calendar

QHMC coordinates, by way of publishing a calendar of events, a number of affiliated club’s major events throughout the year.

To have your club event listed on the QHMC Calendar please click here.